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Inception of Opus Loco

Vast experience meets ambitious vision

Opus Loco, a Recruitment Agency in West Sussex was formed in 2011 to provide jobs in West Sussex and to directly source employees and clients. We have built a strong reputation among our client base and take pride in the commitment we make to our clients to earn their loyalty. Our clients have told us that we're different to all the other recruitment companies they have tried in years past because of our personal service and attention to detail to recruitment matters.

The best Recruitment Agency in West Sussex

Since our inception, we have gathered many clients from far and wide and are growing at a steady rate. Our growth has been achieved by our website and word of mouth from clients passing on the fact that we take away the all day to day bind of staffing, contracts, holiday pay, maternity pay, paternity pay and sick pay away from them, so that all that is left to do, "is run your business".

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47+ Clients Obtained
3237+ Jobs Provided
16+ Job Locations
+13% Annual Growth
First Class Service

Not excuses

Our clients appreciate that we take great care to make sure we fully understand their needs before temporary workers arrive on site to start work, the questions we ask, the details we cover and the timeframe by which we have solutions in place mean a great deal to our clients and workers.

We pride ourself on delivering a first class service to clients to ensure that we are the Best Recruitment Agency in Bognor Regis, which includes the ability and expertise to manage a small temporary worker order, to larger bulk orders whilst remaining flexible enough to respond to the clients daily needs.

Team Work

Do not let the fact that we are small fool you in to thinking we are a tiny company. We have a very exclusive and prestigious client base and could call in 10 more consultants inside 24 hours if the need arises. But as any business does, we try to minimise our expenditure and pass those savings on to our clients in the form of competitive rates.

Fast Response

Our genuine passion and enthusiasm for what we do, together with our agility to react fast enables us to respond immediately to a clients' needs, ensuring they continue to use Opus Loco time and time again as their trusted recruitment partner and to help take their business to the next level.

Improved Worker Retention Job satisfaction for us means that our clients benefit from improved staff retention, increased productivity and 100% compliance levels, including amongst other things adhering to the AWR and all other Recruitment and Legal parameters. View available Jobs
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